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Reach a Global Audience

Increase your client base by gaining exposure to the
$64.1 billion global art and antiquities market.  
You can't sell what people don't see, and igniting the emotion in a prospective buyer can come down to something as simple as how a piece is presented within a gallery space.   This challenge is magnified when trying to appreciate art online. Mere 2D photographs on a website do not convey the emotion being expressed by that artist significantly reducing the value of the artwork. 
Gallery owners are no longer limited by the traditional constraints placed on a "brick & mortar" gallery, or the limitations of a 2D photograph.
Our immersive, mixed media spaces combine personal, visual connections with data-rich mixed media and instant calls to action

Existing Galleries: What We Do
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For Existing Galleries

Existing Galleries: FAQ


We use advanced photogrammetry to create a digital replica of your physical gallery. Much more than a simple 360 photograph, our scans are fully navigatable, high-quality 3D  laser captures with unlimited 4K print quality photography.


In collaboration with the gallery we collect information, data and media on each piece and embed it within the digital gallery. Adding rich mixed media provides visitors with a level of insight and engagement that the would not receive in a physical gallery let alone one shared with an international audience. Pieces in the gallery are linked directly with the galleries online payment portals promoting ease of purchase.


Your digital gallery can be embedded directly into your existing website or hosted on our of our dedicated, branded landing pages. Galleries can be shared over all major social media platforms and will be promoted by the HiveMind social media team.  Over the duration of the campaign your gallery will be capturing visitor data and interactions giving you a solid data set to utilize when curating your next exhibit.


Our Offers


A Scan of your gallery
Hosting of scans on the HMG Cloud
Unlimited addition and updates of existing media to scans
Descriptions / calls to action
Embedment of metadata linking to existing payment portals
Virtual reality ready
Creation of a highlight reel
publication of animated video
Publication of still photographs
HVM Galleries social media active promotion

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Existing Galleries: Gallery
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