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Limitless Experiences

HiveMind AR Web App removes physical barriers by utilizing digital technologies
and platforms to connect artists and their work with a wider audience. To achieve this, we have created a fully integrated web-based platform utilizing Augmented Reality technology so customers are able to see what a painting, print or looks like in their own environment.
Our web-based AR platform enables gallery’s and artists to share their work with users anywhere to experience what an image would look like in their own environment such as residence, office, etc. without the need to go the art gallery / showroom.
We deliver a seamless platform which offers an improved solution when compared to the traditional experience of taking a photo of a painting using your mobile phone and trying to fit it in your own environment by the use of imagination. Our integrated online calls to action and purchasing gateways ensure that a sale is merely a click away.

HivemindAR: What We Do
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