Create Your Own Gallery

Increase your opportunities for connecting to buyers by creating your very own, permanent, digital gallery without the cost. Our international network of spaces can turn pop-up gallery events into permanent online galleries. Spaces are encrypted with your own personal touches such as sound, video and mixed media before being shared with an international audience.
This disruptive approach to art, technology, and retail gives you multiple layers to convey your message.  Our collective of creatives and social media professionals gives you the support and launching pad to a borderless career.



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Art Museum






Unique Experiences

Our curation team works with the artists and a select group of spaces to design a unique event space that captures the energy of a day in a virtual expression that can last a lifetime. Our network of artists, event specialists and musicians can come together to add value and drive interest via mixed media towards our virtualexhibits.

Digital Twin

When the space is set up we will capture video, audio and mixed media before, during and after we scan the exhibit. These engaging calls to action are embedded into your virtual gallery and links are created to your personalized pages externally or within our ecosystem.

Share with the World

Once we have created the virtual exhibit it will be shared via the Hive Mind Galleries international social media network and can also be embedded within existing websites. Our curation and media team will actively promote our exhibit ensuring artists gain maximum exposure and opportunities for sales



Turning Interest Into Action

We believe that artists should be in control of how their creations are consumed.  As Hive Mind Galleries does not have the traditional overheads of a traditional brick and mortar gallery we are able to give our exhibitors a greater share of the sales value without holding them to long term or exclusive contracts.